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Type of Foodies

Foodie4thought Snooty Foodie

Snooty Foodie

A very particular palette. Likes only certain types of food.


Junk Foodie

Chips, Burgers, chicken wings, sandwiches. The type of Foodie to ask “Where is the best burger joint in town?

Fancy Foodie

A step up from the rest. A Friday night date night. Upscale caviar type of foodie.

Indulgent Foodie

The Dessert lover Loves rich and “indulgent” foods.

Everything Foodie

Lover of all Foods. Adventurous to try different types of food.

Healthy Foodie

Take the High Road when it comes to Food! Focused on having a Healthy Lifestyle of CLEAN EATING!

About Foodie4thought

"Well... Foodie4Thought was created just for that !"

This App is a Foodie Tool for Foodies to discover niche restaurants. Post Us Your Own Recipes - Keep them Private or Share them with the World. Connect with other Foodies Around the World!


Post your favorite recipes onto your foodie feed and share them with friends, family or keep them private for your own personal reference.

  • Cheesy Beef Pasta
    Crustless Pumpkin Pie

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